Daphne Manon Rohr

Systemic Consultant and Trainer


«I work with you and your company at your crossroads to access your own values and resources»

Working as a Systemic Consultant, coaching Professionals and Teams in high performing surroundings has been my privilege and passion since 2006. I created Loyal Partner, based in Zurich, because I believe that finding and living one’s own true, personal identity and values is the way to a healthy and happy life in tumultuous times.

I have developed a Compass based on the main Competences Companies work with which helps Coachees and Organisations alike to navigate safely through their personal and company life.

Identity and values encompass the work I do with clients, be it in their first role as manager or leader; in Career counseling, Assessments, Out and Inplacement, getting ready to enjoy life after retirement or handing over the family business to the next generation. In addition, I support Companies and Organisations in Mentoring and Team Development schemes as well as Trainings focusing on areas such as „Vuca“, Agility, Inner Resilience and Communication Skills.

Prior to this, I worked as a Consultant in Corporate Communications, leading International Projects in the Financial Industry before joining a Swiss Multinational Technology Company as an Executive in External Relations. To further enhance my professional experience, I worked in a Consultancy specialised in Marketing, then went back to Corporate Communications to become the Media Spokeswoman for a Telecom Company.


Having earned a College Degree in Economics, I spent my first working years with companies and organisations in the Swiss Luxury Industry as an Executive Assistant at Group and Board Level.

My main professional training includes: Systemic Consultant and Certified Coach (Werner Herren, ZiS); MSc in Coaching and Mentoring, Sheffield Hallam (8 modules); Certified Trainer (EB Zurich and Olten); Public Relations Assistant and Public Relations Consultant (SPRI).

Luckily, as an Expat Child, I grew up with the three languages German, English and French. Living in Zurich, I enjoy spending my free time at our family retreat in the region of the three lakes with my husband and friends. Clients tell me they appreciate my flexibility, professionalism, sense of humor and reliability.

I am currently a Member on the Swiss Board of EMCC European Mentoring and Coaching Council. I have previously served as a Board Member on the IPRA International Public Relations Association, as National President of Junior Chamber Switzerland, as worldwide Co-ordinator of Media Training within the UN and I co-founded a Service Club.